Environmental Consultancy

Multidisciplinary department with more than 15 years’ experience providing services to mayor petrochemical and financial companies,
with a strong know how on ground


  • - Design and Supervision Consultancy for Renewable Energy Projects (water, soil, atmosphere, waste and risks)
  • - Follow-up of administration procedures
  • -- Environmental Research and Characterisation Studies
  • -Risk Assessment: Quantitative Analysis for Human Factor Risks (TIER I-II-III) and Environmental Risks
  • -“In Situ” and “Ex Situ” remediations
  • -Hydrogeological Studies
  • -Studies and applications
  • -Environmental Baselines Studies
  • -Efficiency Tests
  • -Procedures according to Environmental Risk Assessment

Areas of Activity

  • over more than 4,500 Service Stations in Spain
  • In Hydrocarbon Storage Plants
  • In Refineries and Chemical industries
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