Project Description

Assessment and monitoring of environmental projects for Refineries and Chemistries

Definition of the project´s scope of supply, tendering documents, supervision and technical and costs monitoring of the projects.

Refineries / Chemistries: Petronor, Cartagena, Puertollano, Tarragona, Relapasa (Peru), Mendoza (Argentina), Dinasol, Polydoge, Puertollano, Santander, Tarragona, Sines (Portugal) …

Through these services, the projects obtained the requested technical improvement and economic profitability.


  • Soil Investigations and Remediation
  • Risks Analysis, Human Factor
  • Environmental Risks Control
  • Preliminary Site Evaluations for Environmental Classification
  • Environmental assessment and site due diligences
  • Hydrogeological Studies
  • Studies and new R&D applications for environmental evaluations
  • Regulation requirements: identification, control and follow-up