Refineries and Petrochemical

T-57 Tarragona Refinery, Spain
T-57 Tarragona Refinery, Spain

DISEPROSA has developed for the REPSOL group, 136 different units and REVAMPING engineering projects in refineries and petrochemical plants in Spain, Portugal and Peru.

As an example, Tarragona refinery:
Hydrocracking unit (ISOMAX). Light vacuum gas oil and hydrogen are used to obtain high quality lighter fractions. The process consists of catalytic reaction at high pressure and temperature with significant hydrogen consumption. The products obtained are: LPG, stabilised naphtha, paraffin, desulphurised diesel oil and Isomax bottom fraction


  • FEED
  • Planning and Coordination of Suppliers
  • Detailed Engineering
  • SSLL Management Project
  • Environmental Management Project
  • Materials Activation and Inspection
  • Supervision
  • Commissioning Assistance
Refineries and Petrochemical




Tarragona Industrial Complex, Spain